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China’s Engagement in Africa: Activities, Effects and Trends

Of 54 African countries, 52 have already signed a BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) Memorandum of Understanding with China by April 2022, a clear indicator that the flagship project of Chinese foreign policy of the 21st century is penetrating the whole African continent. Nevertheless, the facts and effects of China’s engagement in Africa demonstrated by the latest major development trends have at large invalidated the allegation that China poses development pressure on Africa.

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Geopolitics and the Global Race for 5G (CGS Global Focus - May 2019)

The debate on the 5th generation of mobile communications technology (5G) is currently both politically charged and controversial. It has thus far lacked, however, a scientifically sound and in-depth study on the geopolitical dimension of 5G technology. This prompted us to carefully examine 5G technology expressly from a geopolitical viewpoint. The results of this investigation are now available.

We therefore proudly present to you our newly released study “Geopolitics and the Global Race for 5G” in the hopes that it will offer you interesting and inspiring insights into the relations between power and technology in the age of 5G. The entire study – including the key findings in German and English – can be accessed here.

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International Competition for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) (CGS Global Focus - October 2019)

Because of the central role of a satellite navigation system in the national economic, social and security sectors, the construction and development of a satellite navigation system is triggering a new round of competition among world powers. Countries and organizations worldwide have set up their own navigation satellite systems one after another aiming to rid themselves of the dependence on the navigation satellite systems of great powers.

In this study, we analyze the competition between the great powers. To this end, we focus on the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Chinese BeiDou (BDS) and the European Galileo.

Which power has supremacy over GNSS and who will take the lead in the international competition for the global navigation satellite system in the future?

The study – including the key findings in German and English – can be accessed here.

Download the paper here.