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Buchprojekt: “Power in the 21st Century – International Security and International Political Economy in a Changing World”

The Center for Global Studies (CGS) is a research institution at the University of Bonn, Germany. One of our main aims is to systematically investigate the phenomenon of the contemporary global power shift among states and regions. The CGS seeks to expand and supplement existing research on power in times of globalization. Key interest is to identify sources of power in the 21st century, their respective mechanism as well as potential interdependencies among them. The concrete effects such shifts may have in terms of power politics remain an important empirical question.

To foster research on this question a book project is set up in order to bring together scholars working in the fields of IR, IPE, economics and security studies. Main aim of the book project is to collect innovative contributions with new ideas and theoretical approaches (enriched with empirical data) that can increase our understanding of power as well as shifts under the conditions of globalization. Contributions should thus not only reflect current theoretical debates on ‘power’ as well as ‘power shifts’ among entities, but go further in their assessments by presenting fresh insights into relevant aspects of international power in the 21st century as well as new methods of identifying power and its sources, solutions for measuring shifts as well as outlining potential implications and challenges.

I. International Security and Power Shift:

The first section is concerned with theoretical approaches for identifying and measuring power and power shifts in the field of international security. Contributions of this section should provide sound theoretical models for this effort, which not only outline new ways of measuring power and shifts, but identify subsequent implications of those shifts.

II. International Political Economy and Power Shift:

The second section of the book follows the same approach and structure as its first section, but is concerned with power and power shifts in international trade, finance and production.

III. Cross-Sectional Perspectives:

The book’s final section includes theoretical approaches that are concerned with the interplay and convertibility of power and its resources between international security and international political economy.

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