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All Eyes on Germany - Industrial Policy for Future Power - Ausgabe 3

Long rejected by proponents of a free market economy, industrial policy recently regained political attention: With the US following a protectionist doctrine of “America First” under President Donald Trump and China pushing comprehensive transformation plans such as “Made in China 2025”, questions about a strategy for the future competitiveness of industry are also arising in Europe. In February 2019, the German Federal Government issued the “National Industrial Strategy 2030”, marking a watershed moment in its strategic policy planning.


All Eyes on Germany - A Powerful Comeback - Issue 2

The Bonn Power Shift Monitor (BPSM) analyzes shifts in global power among the G20 states. In its most recent update, the Monitor recorded a remarkable power rise of Germany. Taking a closer look at its power development will help to understand Germany‘s global competitiveness but also its struggle to retain its high power level as a traditional power in view of rising states. While the most recent developments are quite positive, Germany‘s power record remains unsteady and its place as the fourth most powerful country among the G20 is under attack of rising states such as the ever expanding India.


All Eyes on Germany – 5G Network Construction – Issue 1

Communication networks are a cornerstone of our globalized lives. The creation of new mobile communication standards thus has the capacity to shape the future of a nation. One would be mistaken to assume that the transition to 5G is solely about a swifter messaging of selfies. Production processes, autonomous driving, and even power grid maintenance are all interconnected with our network infrastructure. Technological and economic aspects aside, 5G standardization also affects geopolitical and security related dimensions of power.

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