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Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu

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Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu
Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu

Short Information

Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu was born in China, received his PhD in Bonn in 1990 and qualified as professor in 1997 in Freiburg. Since 2009, he holds the chair in International Relations at the University of Bonn’s institute for Political Sciences and Sociology and is director of the Center for Global Studies.

Professor Gu’s main topics of research encompass theories of international relations, global power shift with a focus on structural power, energy and reliable energy supply, international politics of East Asia, Chinese economic and fiscal policy as well as Chinese domestic, foreign and security policy.

Up to now, Professor Gu is the only full German professor of Chinese origin in political sciences and international relations. In this capacity, he actively shapes China’s reception of the public as well as the forming of opinion concerning Asian politics within the German-speaking countries.

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Data

Institut für Politische Wissenschaft und Soziologie, Center for Global Studies
Genscherallee 3, Raum 3.011
53113 Bonn

Anmeldung im Sekretariat, Raum 3.012
Telefon: +49 228 73 60271

Phone: +49 228 73 60271Fax: +49 228 73 60272


Office Hours

In der vorlesungsfreien Zeit finden die Sprechstunden am 4.9. um 12-13h und am 19.9. um 11-12h statt.

Latest Publications

  • Gu, Xuewu et al.: China’s Engagement in Africa: Activities, Effects and Trends. Bonn: CGS Global Focus, 2022:
  • Ohnesorge, Hendrik W. / Gu. Xuewu (Hrsg.): Weltpolitische Gestaltung in Zeiten von COVID-19. Zur Rolle von Persönlichkeit und Führungsstil in der Coronakrise. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2022;
  • Gu, Xuewu, Ohnesorge, Hendrik W. (2021): Persönlichkeit und weltpolitische Gestaltung: Annahmen und Forschungsagenda des personenbezogenen Ansatzes. In Der Faktor Persönlichkeit in der internationalen Politik: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Journalismus, eds. Hendrik W. Ohnesorge and Xuewu Gu, S. 3-15. Wiesbaden: Springer VS;
  • Gu, Xuewu, Ohnesorge, Hendrik W. (2021): Der Faktor Persönlichkeit in der internationalen Politik: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Journalismus, Springer VS, 2021;
  • Gu, Xuewu; Heidbrink, Christiane; Huang, Ying; Nock, Philip; Ohnesorge, Hendrik W.; Pustovitovskij, Andrej (2019): International Competition for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). In: CGS Global Focus,
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