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Summer School, E. Fels – Xinjiang Universität Ürümqi, China

  • 20.09.2010

Summer School, E. Fels: “Governance, Neighbourhood Relations, and Regionalization in Central Asia and Xinjiang / China”.

The Summer School “Governance, Neighbourhood, and Regional Cooperation Central Asia and Xinjiang/China” for participants from Xinjiang/China, countries of Central Asia, as well as Germany, runs from September 20-25, 2010, at Xinjiang University Urumqi, is jointly organised by Bielefeld University, Dortmund Technical University, and Xinjiang University and constitutes Component 1 of the professionalization and cooperation project „Central Asia and Xinjiang/China. Transnational Cooperation in Governance, Civic Education, Neighborhood, and Regional Cooperation“ (2010-2011) funded by Volkswagen-Foundation/Germany.

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