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Boening/Kremer/van Loon (eds.): Global Power Europe – Vol. 1 / Vol. 2

This two-volume project provides a multi-sectoral perspective over the EUs external projections from traditional as well as critical theoretical and institutional perspectives, and is supported by numerous case studies covering the whole extent of the EUs external relations. The aim is to strive to present new approaches as well as detailed background studies in analyzing the EU as a global actor.

Volume 1: The first volume “Theoretical and Institutional Approaches to the EUs External Relations” addresses the EUs overall external post-Lisbon Treaty presence both globally and regionally (e.g. in its “neighborhood”), with a special emphasis on the EUs institutional framework. It also offers fresh and innovative theoretical approaches to understanding the EUs international position.

Volume 2: The second volume “Policies, Actions and Influence of the EUs External Relations”, examines in both quantitative and qualitative contributions the EUs international efficacy from a political, economic and social perspective based on a plethora of its engagements.

Last update: 25/08/2018