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International Workshop „Enlightenment and Civilization: Chinas Reform Potentials in Global Context“

With the new Chinese leadership taking over power in March 2013, China is entering a new age of transformation. Both Chinese society and international community are expecting from President Xi Jinping and his team to introduce new reform projects to accelerate China’s transition to a more liberal and more stable country.

The purpose of this workshop is to try to address systematically the reform prospects and to identify areas/domains of possible reform consensus among the various streams of intellectuals advocating further reform in the country.

The Center for Global Studies was honored by the partitipation of some of the leading chinese poliical, law scientists and economists. The participants of the workshop were:

  • Prof. Dr. Qianfan ZHANG, Law School of Peking University, Beijing
  • Prof. Dr. Chun SHAN, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing
  • Prof. Dr. Yefu ZHENG, Sociology Dept. Peking University, Beijing
  • Prof. Dr. Shilin ZHAO, Philosophy Department, Central University of Chinese Nationalities
  • Prof. Dr. Xuewu GU, Center for Global Studies, University of Bonn

The effort to adress this questions includet panels on several topics during the three day workshop:

  • China’s Transition to a Constitutional State: Potentials and Obstacles
  • Political & Social Transition: Intellectual Controversies and Consensus
  • Culture and Civilization: Does China Need a New Model of Civilization?
  • China’s Role in the World: How to Deal with New international Expectations and Challenges
  • Ideals and Suggestions: Brain Storming about Future Projects
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