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Dr. Esther Meininghaus

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Key expertise

Refugees and peacebuilding, politics of humanitarianism, non-democratic governance in the Middle East.

(Academic) education / CV:

In her research, Esther focuses on negotiations of power in autocracies and local perceptions of resistance among Syrians. Educated in Middle Eastern Studies at the Universities of Bonn (MA, 2007) and Manchester (PhD, 2013), she has taught at both universities on the political anthropology of the Middle East, humanitarianism and development since 2008. While her original interest lay in covert processes of power negotiations in Syria, she has explored the impact of humanitarian aid, displacement and enforced disappearances since the beginning of the present war. At BICC, she currently researches the Syrian peace processes from the perspective of participants and excluded groups. Esther has also worked as an advisor to various governmental and non-governmental bodies, such as GSDRC/DFID, GIZ/BMZ, Welthungerhilfe, and others.


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