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Christiane Heidbrink: Germany’s Engagement in Afghanistan and More – Podcast Beitrag

  • 25.08.2021

Germany’s Engagement in Afghanistan and More

Taliban took over in Afghanistan only days after the U.S.
military left Afghanistan. Since then, news on Afghanistan surged
in the mass media. Pictures of Afghan toddles handed over to
American soldiers in the Kabul airport went viral on the
internet. But what will happen when this news cycle fades away?
What does this humanitarian crisis mean to the people of
Afghanistan and to the western alliance? Though the definite
answers will not be given in this episode, our guest, Christiane,
will offer an overview of Germany’s participation in the
Afghanistan development process since 2001, an analysis of why
Afghan police forces and troops surrendered so quickly, and
lastly a forecast of China’s political prospects with

Guest: Christiane Heidbrink, Research Fellow of the Center of
Global Studies of the University of Bonn

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