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Christiane Heidbrink: Germany’s Approach to Indo-Pacific – Youtube

  • 08.09.2021

Germany’s Approach to Indo-Pacific Guest: Christiane Heidbrink Host: Lokman Karadag Currently, Mrs. Heidbrink is the project manager at the Bonn Power Shift Monitor (BPSM) research project, which examines the changes in international power structures after the turn of the millennium. Since January 2019, she has also been responsible for editing the Bonn Power Focus. In addition, as part of her doctoral project, she is researching the changes in (inter)national security discourses in times of the Belt and Road Initiative. Her teaching activities at the University of Bonn combine the various aspects of her academic career, including teaching on global power shifts, security policies and state-building measures. Topics discussed in this program;

?The concept of Indo-Pacific mean for Germany, and the historical links between Germany and the term Indo-Pacific

?The aspects that distinguish Germany from other EU countries in the Indo-Pacific approach.

?Deployment of Frigate Bayern to the Indo-Pacific region, especially the South China Sea.

?Germany’s Maritime Missions in Indo-Pacific

?Germany’s role in determining Europe’s Asian Policy

?The German approach to the US ‚Indo-Pacific‘ Strategy?

Watch the whole video:

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