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Between the Superpowers: What is Germany’s China Policy?

  • 3. Juli 2023
Between the Superpowers: What is Germany’s China Policy?

Discover the intricacies of Germany’s China policy in the thought-provoking article „Between the Superpowers: What Is Germany’s China Policy?“ by Christiane Heidbrink. Delving into the recently adopted National Security Strategy, the piece explores the balancing act Germany faces as it navigates its relationship with China amidst the global power competition.

With China’s rising influence and its impact on the international order, the article sheds light on Germany’s concerns regarding China’s behavior, human rights violations, and its pursuit of global dominance. However, Germany’s position is far from straightforward, leaving questions about its precise goals and strategies for maintaining a delicate equilibrium between cooperation and confrontation with China.

From the EU Commission’s triad labeling China as a partner, competitor, and rival to Germany’s internal debates on cooperation and values-based decision-making, the article highlights the complexity of Germany’s China policy. As the world witnesses the intensifying great power rivalry between the United States and China, Germany finds itself caught between the two giants, each vying for its support. This article sheds light on Germany’s evolving stance and its implications for global stakeholders.

Read the full article to delve into the nuances of Germany’s China policy and join the discussion on shaping a balanced and principled approach to international relations in a multipolar world.