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Chinas Energieaußenpolitik am Beispiel Angolas - Wie abhängig ist China von Energieimporten?

01.10.2012 | Autor: Jan Seidel

After China suddenly became net importer of crude oil in 1992, its new "hunger of energy" became part of polarizing scientific and media debates. The Peoples Republics energy consumption is still rising and exceeds already that of the USA.

Because of its rising import demand, the party leadership meets the challenge of repositioning itself with regard to foreign affairs in order that economic growth will not be endangered. This complex and overall inconsistent strategy is illuminated emplarily in this article by means of an analysis of Chinas energy relations to the South West African country Angola to give a more differentiated picture of the actual import dependency of China. The Peoples Republic acted primarily as a creditor who was and still is prepared to take high risks and to invest high amounts of capital whereas traditional money sources like the USA shifted their strategic interests into other regions and demand increasingly domestic reforms via IMF and World bank.

However, western oil companies still dominate the production of equity oil in Angola whilst China meets Angolan governments interest in diversification of source of revenue in the long term.

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